Welcome to BLEZ CLINIC

■1min. walk from BTS Asok & MRT Sukhumvit station
■Address:v417 Sukhu41mvit Rd, KlongtoeyNua, Bangkok 10110 (Between Soi 21 & Soi 23)
■TEL:02-258-2628 FAX:02-258-2629 mobile:092-224-6972
■Parking Spaces : Not available
■Consultation Hours :weekday 10:00a.m.- 20:00 p.m. / weekend 9:00p.m.- 18:30 p.m.
■Open 7days a week

blez clinic allergy test

It is an allergy test which you can choose from 36 types of main Thai countries, 20 kinds of food system and 20 kinds of animals and plants systems. It is possible to prevent allergens to be tested before allergy develops and not exceeding the tolerance in the body.
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blez clinic Organ inspection

Let’s check the weak internal organs regularly with age. Liver and kidney are organs of silence. To a healthy internal organs with regular examination. H. pylori has statistics possessed by nearly half of Japanese people. You can check it with correct treatment, so let’s check it.
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STD/STI Check up

Protecting both your self and your partner against STD/STI for wellness life, We recommend constant check-up.
Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis A/B/C,Trichomonas and Gonorrhea tests, etc.,
We guard the privacy of patient’s personal information.
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health check package

If you are 20-30s, or starting your first job, and annual health check-up is recommended.
Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start.
For over 30s, Annual physical exam for primary care of illness and life-style related disease .
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If you feel chronic fatigue, Bad skin condition, Eating an unbalanced diet and Over-drank. IV drip is high recommended.
At BLEZ clinic , Not only IV drip, But also Doctor prescribes some aftercare supplements to boost your immunity.
5 selected course, Charge from 760B~.
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There are 10 more vaccines at BLEZ clinic.
Vaccine – Preventable Diseases for Thai residents, For traveler in Asia, Research your travel destination to find out what travel vaccination / immunizations you should get.
Appointment priority. If you have any futher questions, Please feel free to contact us.
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Work Permit

Medical certificate of work permit is necessary every year for all foreign worker in Thailand.
If you have appointment with us in advance, The consultation will be finished within 30 min., Costs 500B only.
Med certificate for driving license, Restaurant Owner and various certificate.Now we have corporate service,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or setting an appointment.
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We accept Ocean life Insurance, Pacific cross health insurance pcl for cashless medical service.
( If the illness/ injury is covered under the policy.)
For more smooth consultation, We recommend you to check directly to insurance agency in advance whether your medical expense will be covered. A coverage is depends on your contract.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or setting an appointment.
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