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Hepatitis A  
Japanese encephalitis    
PRICE 2,990THB 5,990THB 8,990THB
  • ※For more details on the type of vaccine · number of vaccinations etc, please see the list below.
  • ※This is available as an additional option of the vaccine package.Please see the list below for the price of single vaccine.

Price list of Vaccines (As of May 2020)

ImmunizationsVaccine nameManu-
Required DoseEffective periodPriceRemarks
Hepatitis AAVAXIM 160 USanofi2times20yrs2,000THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
Hepatitis BEuvax BSanofi3times15-20yrs800THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
Hepatitis A+BTwinrixGSK3times15-20yrs1,400THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
TetanusTetanus ToxoidBio Farma3times10yrs200THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
RabiesSPEEDABiovalys3times3yrs650THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
After exposure extra
2shots are needed.
RabiesSPEEDABiovalys5times650THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
Japanese- Encephalitis1times5yrs850THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
TyphoidTyphim viSanofi1times5yrs890THB/doseRecommended in Southeast Asia.
InfluenzafluquadriSanofi1times1yrs980THB/doseIncluding doctor fee, nursing fee and facility service fee.
Chickenpox-times-yrs1,880THB/doseSet an appointment
in advance.
  • ※Doctor fee, nursing fee & facility service fee will be charged for the first dose of vaccination.
    ※Nursing fee & facility service fee will be charged from the second dose onward.
    ※Only influenza vaccine includes doctor fee, nursing fee & facility service fee.
    ※We offer the quadrivalent influenza vaccine.
    ※Price list per dose as of May 2020. All prices are subject to change without notice.
    ※It is not necessary to make an appointment in advance with some exceptions.
    ※RABIES is called that “Pre-exposure ” for prevention, “After exporure ” for treatment dog bites