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Beginner’s Guide

■For first time procedure
Our clinic is managed by Japanese owner. Furthermore, we are welcoming international patients. From friendly consultation for minor ailments or travel vaccinations, to individual arrangements for special medical intervention at selected hospitals in Bangkok. For more smoothly consultation, We suggest you to make an appointment with our doctor in advance.   If you require specific medication that is not available to you in Bangkok, the clinic can source your medication through its support network of pharmacies.
■Preparing for your visit
Passport    Insurance policy,Medical certificate, Prescription, Refferel letter from your own doctor, Check-up report, Previous medical record etc…
■Procedures & Tests
1.Patient Registration
Upon your arrival,  fill out patient Registration form and Medical history form , Please submit your Original passport, Insurance policy card and any Refferals from any other insutitutions. (Fill out the claim form, if needed.)
Before your consultation, Nurse checks your vital, measuring your height, weight. and blood pressure.  Doctor examines physical and  medical interview. If need be, tests carries out.
3. Prescription
BLEZ CLINIC prescribes medicine in the clinic. Therefore, To settle the issue immidiately if patients have any inquiries about medication. Our ambllera company ” BLEZ PHAEMACY” contributes that achieves more reasonable medicine price than another clinic.
4 Payment
We accept THB Cach, Credit card. (Except AMEX)   Your medical insurance is available as cashless service, Otherwise it is not neccesary to settle.
For first visitor is more convinient that fills out Registration form and Medical hystory form in advance. Please download questionarries as below.

How to pay

■We are able to accept THAI BAHT as cash only.
■We are able to accept Credit card (JCB, Master, Visa, UNION PAY)
■ Medical Travel Insurance
we are able to accept medical insurance as follows: 
Infomation about Medical Insuranse
Thai Local Insurance    (Thai Social Insurace is not accepted.)
Please submit your insurace policy card. Our staff will look into it that cashless service is available.