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Covid-19 Antigen Test with Certificate

Buy a Covid-19 Antigen self Test Kit (ATK) to have the test by yourself.
Send a picture of your results to get the negative certificate after an online consultation.

Even you are busy with work or busy with school,
you could have a consultation using your smartphone from anywhere.
you do not have to travel to a clinic or wait in a line. you do not have to waste your time and money.

You could see the steps below for how to issue the Certificate of Antigen Test for COVID-19.

Requirements depend on your travel destination, such as testing methods, or required information on the certificate.

Please check the information with your destination before making an appointment.

Now a lot of appointments are coming.
We highly recommend you make an appointment in advance once you decide your schedule.
If you fill in “antigen test” in the remark field, we would guide you smoothly.

1. Buy a Covid-19 antigen self test kit at a pharmacy

Government Approved Antigen Test Kit (Thai page)
รายชื่อชุดตรวจและน้ำยาสำหรับโควิด 19 (COVID-19) – กองควบคุมเครื่องมือแพทย์

You could buy a test kit at BLEZ pharmacy.
Delivery service is also available.
If you would like a delivery,
Please contact our BLEZ pharmacy line account
LINE name: BLEZonline

2. After finish the test, please submit the form below

    1. Full name ชื่อนามสกุลภาษาอังกฤษ
    Names must be spelled as shown on your passport. *Required

    2. Passport Number *Required
    หมายเลขประจำตัวประชาชน หรือ หมายเลขหนังสือเดินทาง

    3. Lot number of your test kit *Required

    4. Let us know which test kit you used ‌as a number. *Required
    กรุณาตรวจสอบชุดตรวจของท่านจากลิงค์ด้านล่างนี้ แล้วแจ้งหมายเลขชุดตรวจ
    Government Approved Antigen Test Kit (Thai page)
    รายชื่อชุดตรวจและน้ำยาสำหรับโควิด 19 (COVID-19) – กองควบคุมเครื่องมือแพทย์

    5. Which sample did you use for the test? *Required

    6. Take 3 items below in one picture.*Required
    ・a antigen test kit / ชุดตรวจ
    ・a test kit package with showing Lot number / ซองชุดตรวจด้านที่มีหมายเลขรุ่นผลิต
    ・a copy of your passport photo page / บัตรประชาชนหรือพาสปอร์ต

    example / ตัวอย่าง:

    7. the date and time you collected the sample *Required
    , :

    8. the date and time you read the result *Required
    , :
    *After collected the sample, please wait for 10-15 minutes till read the results

    9. the preferred date and time you would like to have the online consultation *Required
    , :
    *Weekday 10:00~19:00, Weekend 09:00~17:00, Lunch break 14:00~15:00

    10. LINE ID *Required

    11. Remark

    *Please click the "submit" buttom

    3. Make a payment for the consultation fee via a bank transfer

    After confirm your information,
    we would contact you to make a bank transfer 500 baht for a consultation fee to our bank account.
    after payment, please send a transfer slip to us.

    4. Online video consultation start

    Our doctor would contact you via LINE application on your appointment date and time.
    Please check your network connection for online consultation.

    Please do NOT record the audio or video during the consultation.

    5. Receive your certificate and receipt as a PDF file in 1 hour

    After consultation, our doctor issues your certificate.
    We would send your certificate and receipt as a PDF file.

    If you would like the original document, please come to pick them up at our clinic.
    The link to Google map

    You could also use a messenger service such as Grab application.

    Precautions for online video consultation

    Please make sure to connect to the LINE on the date and time of your appointment.
    If your internet connection is not good enough to have a LINE video call, we may rearrange your appointment date and time.